LVC is a financial planning practice that provides a range of services that aims to provide practical and efficient solutions to the unique needs of our clients. As an authorized Financial Services Provider, we aim to provide objective and professional advisory services to private and corporate clients. At the core of our advice process is the need to create a lasting ethical footprint in an industry that is riddled with historically poor advice. Client solutions are therefore created with a long term view and created within a stringent ethical and robust framework.

We offer our clients the promise of a lifelong partnership, with professional planning and continuous management that takes your specific needs and goals into account, current market conditions, and any changes in relevant legislation. By keeping up to date with regulatory as well as the ever-changing financial environment, we are able to deliver on these promises. We place great emphasis on our human capital and intellectual property to ensure that our financial planners can best serve clients and we look forward to creating mutual trust relationships.

Our Services Offer

As one of our valued clients, we commit to working with you to determine areas for development within your financial situation and to implement a number of practical initiatives to drive your finances successfully into the future.